West Usk Lighthouse B&B Newport | South Wales

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West Usk Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast Newport

Wentloog, Newport, South Wales, NP10 8SF

West Usk Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast was named as one of the 'Most Romantic B&Bs in Britain' by Cosmopolitan magazine in 1998. It has been featured in most National Magazines and Newspapers, TV programmes and many international newsprint.

The West Usk Lighthouse is a bed and breakfast establishment. It is quirky and comfortable rather than luxurious. It was designed as a first venture by Scottish architect, James Walker, who went on to build another 21 lighthouses. All accommodation is within, rooms are wedge-shaped; the stone spiral staircase in the centre is found above a collecting well, now a wishing well! and the entrance hall is slate bedded and we have a Dalek at the bottom of the stairs!

It is perhaps the strangest house around, found at the end of a very long stony and bumpy track - it is an unusual example of its kind, built to a unique design; not tall as most lighthouses are, and considerably bigger in circumference. What to do and see in local area.

In 1821, it was on an island where the Severn and Usk run into the sea, with views far out into the Bristol Channel. Since then, land has been reclaimed and although on one side the loudest sound is of the sea, when the tide (second fastest in the world) comes racing in to the foot of the building, and on the other side, only the occasional mooing cow can be heard. You can experience all this while in our hot tub. We also offer sessions in our Floatation Tank and lots of Complementary Therapies.

The West Usk Lighthouse was decommissioned in 1922, and became a private house shortly afterwards but soon fell into dis-repair and became derelict.. We bought the West Usk in 1987. It took 2 years of hard work to make it habitable and the rest to maintain it!. However we all sleep very well here. You would too, if you need a really good night's sleep.

We are not far from the Express by Holiday Inn, Newport, near J28 of the M4, and we are only 20 minutes' drive from the Celtic Manor Resort.

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