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St Davids Cottages

Explore Holiday Cottages St Davids

Self Catering in St Davids

Discover enchenting St Davids and embark on a journey to the UK’s smallest city, nestled within the unspoiled beauty of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Here, the inviting holiday cottages beckon, offering warmth from traditional log burners and relaxation in indulgent hot tubs. Intriguing, isn’t it?

St Davids is a realm where nature and history harmoniously blend. Picture yourself wandering through the ancient corridors of St Davids Cathedral or exploring the rugged beauty of Whitesands Bay. Can you feel the age-old stories whispered by the wind?

History echoes at every corner in St Davids. Walk through time at the Bishop’s Palace ruins or visit the Celtic Old Cross in the city square. Do these landmarks not bring history to life?

The pleasure of self-catering in St Davids extends to a gastronomic adventure. Sample traditional Welsh cawl in local eateries, select locally sourced ingredients from the farmer’s market, or create your culinary masterpiece in the comfort of your holiday rental. Doesn’t that tantalise your taste buds?

For the thrill-seekers, St Davids is a haven. Experience the adrenaline rush of coasteering along the Pembrokeshire Coast or set sail for a wildlife spotting boat trip around Ramsey Island. Does that not set your adventurous heart aflutter?

St Davids holiday cottages offer a delightful blend of comfort, luxury and the freedom to craft your own holiday narrative. Whether planning a family escapade or a quiet retreat, this Welsh city is ready to welcome you. Isn’t it time you discovered the charm of St Davids?