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ZIP WORLD has a 5 star rating
Bethesda, Gwynedd, LL57 4YG

Have you ever ridden a zip wire? If not, its time to visit Zip World in north Wales. Home to Europes longest and fastest zip wire, it offers visitors an out-of-this-world experience. The adrenalin fuelled experience is described as the nearest thing to flying and was dreamt up by Sean Taylor, a former Royal Marine Skydiver. According to him, it is the closest one can get to skydiving without jumping off a plane. Zip World is located in Penrhyn Quarry amidst the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia.

Reach Speeds of Up To 100 MPH!

Take an exhilarating journey 1,000ft above the ground as you fly face-down for a mile down a mountain, over a cliff, across a lake, and finally land on a strong shock absorber a few feet off the ground. The experience requires zero talent but the excitement you feel when you step back on firm ground is totally intoxicating.

The zip line is 1600 yards and is set in a stunning corner of north Wales close to where Prince William was once based when in the RAF. It is located in the largest slate quarry in the world. Visitors are dressed in jumpsuits and complex harnesses before going on the ride. The staff check every strap and buckle to ensure it is in place. There is a shorter course where visitors are trained before they embark on the big one. Afterwards, they are driven up to the summit which is about 20 minutes away. Along the way, there are many splendid sites to take your breath away. These include the ancient quarry itself first worked over 200 years ago and still worked today and Penrhyn Castle which was built by the Quarrys owner. In 1900, life was so grim for the slate miners that they downed their tools and began a strike that lasted three years. It is the longest industrial dispute in Britain to date.

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