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Fishguard Cottages

Discover Luxury Coastal Holiday Cottages Fishguard

Fishguard Holiday Lets

Fishguard, an enchanting coastal town set on the rugged Pembrokeshire coastline. An ideal base for exploring the sublime natural beauty of West Wales, Fishguard invites visitors to savour the tranquillity and charm of Welsh life from the comfort of their very own holiday cottage.

Holiday cottages offer unique sanctuary’s. From traditional fisherman’s cottages that echo with tales of the sea to contemporary residences offering panoramic views of the coastline, there’s a retreat tailored to your preferences. Picture your evenings, fire crackling in the hearth, a local ale in hand, as the sun sets over the Welsh landscape.

Beyond your cottage doorstep, Fishguard brims with alluring experiences. Stroll around the town’s historic centre, where quaint shops and cosy cafes lend a welcoming atmosphere. Don’t miss the Fishguard Tapestry, a vibrant depiction of the 1797 Last Invasion of Britain, housed in the town hall.

The Lower Town, with its picturesque harbour, offers an idyllic spot for a leisurely walk. Observe the bobbing boats, or if you’re feeling adventurous, embark on a sea kayaking trip to experience the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park’s cliffs and coves.

Explore the coastal path that meanders around Fishguard, revealing secluded beaches, a profusion of wildlife, and mesmerising sea views. For a culinary adventure, treat yourself to Welsh classics from local restaurants, perhaps some fresh seafood or a hearty cawl.

Staying in Fishguard is an invitation to embrace the rhythm of Welsh coastal life. It’s about creating your own homely retreat amidst breathtaking natural beauty. So, when are you starting your Fishguard adventure? Your chosen cottage awaits.

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