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Carmarthenshire Accommodation

Discover Great Places to Stay in Carmarthenshire

Accommodation Carmarthenshire

Select unique places to stay and the best Carmarthenshire accommodation (county town Carmarthenthen book and stay in superb properties throughout this area of Wales and enjoy a weekend, mid-week, or short break, with fine restaurants, bars, and Country Inns, and sandy beaches near-by. While fishing trips, activities, and attractions will keep you entertained, you may prefer to relax and enjoy the Welsh countryside or coast. Laugharne on the south coast of Carmarthenshire is also a popular destination in the area.

Carmarthenshire and South West Wales offer vast opportunities for active holidays. Water Sports such as Surfing, Wind Surfing, Water Skiing, Scuba Diving, Sailing, Yachting, Canoeing, etc., are available at many coastal resorts. Fishing, golfing, cycling, horse riding, and pony trekking are also offered. There are many natural attractions in Carmarthenshire and a series of events, festivals, and celebrations. Highlights of the year include three races in the Llanelli Waterside series. The 10 km road race along the Millennium Park shoreline is listed as one of the top one hundred races in the UK.

Cycling and Walking in Carmarthenshire

The Triathlon event sees the super-fit bike, run and swim to win the title. Carmarthenshire is a paradise for cyclists and walkers and has a busy schedule of events for all ages and abilities. A favorite is the Black Mountain, and Cennen Carreg guided walk, which takes in some of the county’s most spectacular scenery. Other events include parties and shows. Summer is the time to party with plenty of village carnivals and shows. Among the most popular parade in Burry Port and picturesque Llansteffan – How about joining the Ammanford Mardi Gras!

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